7 Tips For Helping You Build A Healthy Salon and Spa Culture

February 25, 2013

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The secret to the whole core value thing is to use it in your day to day operations as much as you can. Here are some ways that we do that in our salons:
1) Before you can do anything, you need to first establish your core values are. Here’s a blog post that I wrote describing how we identified our core values in collaboration with our salon and spa team: The Power Of Culture
2) In addition to your core values, you may want to identify what your purpose is? In other words, “Why does (your business name) exist? In service of what?” Why do we come into work each day? (aside from getting a paycheck to pay the bills) For us, our sole purpose for existing is to “Make Someone’s Day”. That is to say, make or clients day, and each other’s day. We ask our team members, “What’s our purpose?” before ending our morning huddles to remind them of what our purpose is.
3) Schedule out a culture campaign centered around your core values. Celebrate one core value a week. We do this around three times throughout the year. We focus on a core value for the entire week and get the team involved in sharing how they honor that particular core value. For example, one of our core values is Creativity. We put up a poster board in our break room and ask everyone to write down how they were creative in their work that week and share it with the team.
4) You may want to read the book, “Tribal Leadership“. It changed our company’s culture and we believe it was a huge factor in retaining 93% of our staff last year.
5) Create an exercise where your team members share their favorite value and then write a blog post about it. Your customers will enjoy reading it, but your team will also appreciate the acknowledgement and attention. Here’s an example of what that might look like: At MFX, It’s More Than Just Salon And Spa Services
6) Print out your core values and set them out on the table in your one on ones. Ask each team member questions about the core values that will initiate a conversation around them. For example, you might ask, “Which of our core values is the most meaningful to you?”, “How to you practice our core value of __________ in your daily work?”, “When you feel that you are having a problem with another team member, which core value is being compromised?”, and so on……
7) Watch this video to learn more about Tribal Leadership: Click Here To Watch Video

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