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February 28, 2016

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How does your salon team recover when they drop the ball?

When a guest returns to the salon for a color adjustment or haircut adjustment,  do you follow up with them to make sure they are completely satisfied?  If you don’t, you should.  The key to 5-star customer service is in the delivery and most importantly, consistent followup!   It’s really hard to be consistent with your customer service efforts without a little help.
At Maximum FX Salons, we used to coordinate and manage all customer service inquiries using an application called Highrise, made by the fine folks at 37Signals. It’s a paid solution and seemed to get the job done.  However, we recently switched to a free solution using an application called Meistertask.
We spent a couple of months searching and testing dozens of apps for a better solution that was free to use.   After one day of testing Meistertask, we knew this was the right solution for our customer service inquiries.   It’s like the application was made just for us!
Here are 5 reasons why we love Meistertask:
        1. Assignments – Anyone that has access to a project can assign a task to anyone else that is associated with the project.   This is great for a guest care coordinator who takes an incoming call and logs a guest complaint.  After typing up a synopsis of the situation, he or she can assign the task to the salon manager for followup.   This is the best feature of the app, hands down.
        1. Due Dates – When a guest is scheduled for a return visit to the salon for an adjustment, we like to set a due date for the day following the salon visit to reach out to the guest and make sure that they are completely satisfied.
        1. Notifications – Anyone associated with a task (ie. the person who created the task, and anyone who is assigned a task) automatically receives email notifications and can even set up customized notifications for their smart phone. These features virtually eliminate the possibility for anything to fall through the cracks.
        1. Web-based – Because all activity is stored on the Meistertask servers, you can basically access projects and tasks anywhere you have internet access.    We have a browser window opened up on the workstations at each of our salon locations.  That way, when we need to create a task, we can toggle over to the web browser quickly.
        1. Apps available for your smart phone and even the Apple Watch – For added convenience, you can even access Meistertask with a beautifully designed interface for the Android, iPhone and Apple Watch.

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How about you?   How do you manage your customer service inquiries?  Is there a software application that you use that works well?
**BONUS:  Are you an owner or manager of a salon team?  Consider using Meistertask as your personal followup system for keeping track of tasks that you delegate to anyone on your team.   The cool thing is that they can delegate tasks to you and each other!   Try it out and you’ll soon wonder how you got along without it!

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