Reading Time: 3 minutesIt’s not always the case, but more times than not, the beginning of the week for salons is slower than say, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Not sure why this happens, but it does. One thing’s for sure. We’re always looking for ways to fill in the white space on our books, especially during the beginning […]

May 8, 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutesIt seems like every day, I hear salon and spa owners complain about how hard it is to get quality candidates to interview for positions inside their businesses.  Does it seem like nothing is working? Resumes are barely trickling in and you occasionally have an applicant stop by. If this sounds familiar, keep reading. Guess […]

March 17, 2017

Reading Time: 4 minutes  Cosmetology schools are for learning.  So, we teach.     Historically, we have found that recruiting and hiring from cosmetology schools has always produced some of the most loyal and best stylists that we have on our team today.   Now, that’s not to say that we refuse to hire experienced stylists.   Some […]

December 16, 2015

Reading Time: 4 minutesIf you’re a business owner like me, then you probably have a love/hate relationship with Yelp.   Let’s be honest, a 5-star Yelp review can do wonders for your business, especially for new client attraction.   The downside, unfortunately, is that there are a few crazy people out there that love to post negative feedback about […]

November 2, 2015

Reading Time: 3 minutesSo many people I know still don’t understand Twitter. It’s a funny little social media application that’s managed to survive the flood of apps that have come and gone over the years. There’s been many debates on whether Twitter will survive. I believe that it will. Here’s the thing you need to know about Twitter: […]

June 5, 2015

Reading Time: 1 minute1) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Did you know that every blog post creates a new web page on your website?  Websites with more web pages rank higher those with just a few key pages.  Why? Google places higher authority on websites that have lots of pages.  You want your website to be ranked higher […]

January 30, 2013

Reading Time: 2 minutesLocation!  Location!  Location!  Since the beginning of time, we’ve heard these words from retailers, restaurants, salons and other brick and mortar businesses that attribute locale as part of their formula for success. The same is true for where you position various components of your website.  Believe it or not, there are different areas of your […]

October 11, 2012

Reading Time: 4 minutesI can’t tell you how many times I listen to business owners tell me how they can’t get their team members motivated to do anything.  They often ask me, “How do you get your team members excited about writing blogs?” That question is usually followed by, “I can’t get my team to do anything!”  Well, […]

September 21, 2012

Reading Time: 3 minutesEvery salon has seasonality, even the busiest of salons.   Knowing this, it’s important to create strategies in advance to keep productivity and traffic up during the slow periods.     Sometimes it’s tough to come up with creative ideas, especially when you feel like you’ve done everything. I credit the fine folks over at […]

August 18, 2012


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