Reading Time: 1 minuteIn a prior blog post, I shared a video that illustrated how to create a case using Highrise Contacts by 37Signals. In the video below, I’ll show you how to create a followup task to a case in Highrise Contacts when you have a customer challenge. Followup tasks ensure that actions needed to resolve a […]

September 11, 2012

Reading Time: 1 minuteHighrise was developed by 37Signals as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application.   CRM is  is a widely implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects.   At Maximum FX, we use Highrise Contacts to help us handle any client complaints and challenges.   How many times have you had this happen: […]

September 6, 2012

Reading Time: 1 minuteDo you ever feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of managing your social media strategy?   When I network with business owners and the topic of inbound marketing comes up, we agree that finding time is the biggest problem when it comes to maintaining a consistent presence in the online community. Fortunately for all of us, […]

August 22, 2012

Reading Time: 1 minuteIs your organization achieving its full potential, or are dysfunctions on your teams blocking success? What is the cost when your organization is not performing at its peak? At Maximum FX, we are a values-based company. Our purpose for existing is to “Make People’s Day!” It’s that simple. You can find the complete list of […]

October 28, 2011


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