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June 5, 2015

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Twitter how to create a list
So many people I know still don’t understand Twitter. It’s a funny little social media application that’s managed to survive the flood of apps that have come and gone over the years. There’s been many debates on whether Twitter will survive. I believe that it will.
Here’s the thing you need to know about Twitter: Among all the noise within Twitter, there are many useful conversations happening. You just have to understand how Twitter works in order to filter out the noise and start listening to the conversations.
One such tool that can help make Twitter more useful is the list feature. The list feature in Twitter allows you to create lists that consist of various Twitter profiles. Lists are great because they help you organize your focus around interests, people, or topics. It’s a powerful way to filter out the noise and help you go straight to activity that is useful to you. Some examples of lists centered around interest, people or topics my look like this:
News – great for up to the minute news and current events in real-time.
Friends – great for keeping up with what your friends are doing.
Entrepreneurs – follow successful business owners and find out what they are tweeting about.
Food – follow food bloggers, favorite restaurants, celebrity chefs.
Business Competitors – keep tabs on your competition.
I love using lists and find them especially useful. In particular, my favorites are my News list and my Entrepreneur list.
Here’s a step by step guide to creating a list in Twitter using the Twitter app:
Step 1 – Click on “Me” and then on the settings wheel next to the icon with the two people inside the square.


Step 2 – Click on Lists
Step 3 – Click on the + sign. Enter the name of your list. You can make your list public where others can see it and become a member or you can make it private where only you can see it.
how to create a list in twitter

Step 4
– Enter the name of your new Twitter list and mark it public or private.
how to add a list in twitter

Step 5
– Follow the prompts and enter in the names or Twitter username of accounts you’d like to include in your list.
How to add a list to twitter

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