Headmapping™: Helping salons and clients care for the environment

January 25, 2012

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Hair Color Expert Erica Colon applies hair color using the Headmapping technique

With the increasing evidence of environmental damage shown by higher temperatures, a depleting o-zone layer and the disappearance of certain plants and animals, it is more urgent than ever for businesses to take steps to protect the environment in order to preserve it.
Headmapping™ is the salon and beauty industry’s solution to conserving color waste as it allows salons, like Maximum FX, to reduce waste and make a conscious effort to care for the environment.
Headmapping™, created by Walter Claudio, is a new and innovative way to standardize hair coloring. It determines exactly which sections of hair will be colored and the exact amount of product to be used. With Headmapping™, color clients are still left with the color they desire but leave a smaller imprint on the environment in the process.
Headmapping™ is the only standardized hair coloring system that effectively reduces waste. According to the official Headmapping™ website, “the system defines areas of the head into specific sections, creating a ‘map’ that determines exactly how much… product… is required to perform each service.” Erica Colon, Lead Color Specialist of Maximum FX, says that it is as simple as paying attention; “Before, colorists were mixing the same amount of color for every color service. With Headmapping™, we can mix less color because [stylists] are paying attention to exactly which panels of the head are being colored.” By having this coloring system, it is possible to accurately measure the amount of color necessary to achieve the desired results and to eliminate wastes of unused product.
With eliminating color waste, Headmapping™ salons, like Maximum FX, are doing three major things to help safeguard the environment: minimizing their carbon footprint, decreasing the amount of toxic chemicals being washed down the drain and saving resources. When choosing a salon, color clients should consider choosing an eco-friendly one, concentrated in helping the environment, in order to decrease their environmental impact as well.

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