My Visit To The Evernote Corp. Headquarters

November 13, 2012

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On November 8 and 9th, I had the privelege of visiting the Evernote Corp. headquarters (aka “The Mothership” as my fellow Organization Ambassador, Brandie Kajino calls it) for Ambassador training .  Many of you have asked, “What’s an Evernote Ambassador?”.
Well, allow me to explain.  An Evernote Ambassador is a passionate Evernote user who is an expert in their field and has figured out how to make Evernote work for them.   An Ambassador doesn’t remember life before Evernote and is excited to share tips for getting the most out of Evernote with others.
Ambassadors are individuals that have been selected by members of the Evernote team based on their level of enthusiasm for Evernote, specific use cases, and desire to be an active evangelist of the Evernote lifestyle.   I am honored to have been named the Salon/Spa Operations Ambassador.  In our company, we find ourselves using Evernote more and more each day.  We manage our entire new-hire recruiting program, our employee performance coaching and planning, and have started transitioning to a paperless environment entirely through the use of this magical software called Evernote.
In the coming months, expect to hear a lot more from me about ways you can implement Evernote into your life, both personally and professionally.    I can’t tell you how much I LOVE Evernote.  (<– Insert a mental image of me jumping around like a crazy chimpanzee here.)
Below are some pictures from my visit to Evernote Headquarters.  A HUGE thank you to the entire Evernote team: Ron Toledo, Kasey Hickey, Stefanie Fazzio, Ronda Scott, Christine Foote, Mie Yaginuma, Akiko, Andrew, Phil, Pierre and everyone else I met at Evernote.   Until we meet again…..

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**Disclosure – While Evernote paid for my trip to the Redwood City, CA headquarters, I am not a paid advertiser by Evernote, nor am I an employee of Evernote.  
Oh, and in case you were wondering who did that giant chalk drawing?  Dana Tanamachi did.

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