Relationships Are The Key To Being Your Best Self

February 27, 2014

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If you’re reading this, then you’re probably a dear friend and/or highly respected professional.   One of my mentors, and a good friend, Krisstina Wise has started on a new journey in her career.   If you’re in the salon industry, some of you may remember Krisstina when she spoke at Serious Business in New Orleans a couple of years ago.
Krisstina has recently launched where she teaches professional women (and men) how to live a healthy and sustainable life.  A life where you are free to pursue your ambitions, empowered to love your work, and are able to fully let go to enjoy life’s best moments.
1009882_10201651402823579_1581915448_nKrisstina and I met many years ago when she came into my South Congress salon location to receive services.   She invited me to lunch where we learned so much about each other’s businesses.   At the time, Krisstina was busy building her very successful real estate brokerage named  (They continue to win awards today!)   Over the years, we discovered that the real estate industry and the salon/spa industry have a lot in common – compensation models, customer service models, employee challenges, referral-based marketing, and the list goes on.   We found ourselves sharing ideas on how to drive sales, streamline operations using technology and build powerful cultures within our organizations.    All of this was created by a simple invitation to lunch.   How crazy is that?
Here’s my point, I’m a huge believer in having mentors in your life.  Some of my mentors I know really well and work with directly.   There are others whom I consider to be mentors too, that I merely follow as an admirer.   The purpose of my email is to introduce you to my friend and mentor Krisstina.  Just like her invitation to have lunch and get to know me years ago, will you accept my invitation to get to know her too?
64265_4927622425094_70225044_nTo learn more about Krisstina, please visit her page: and then be sure to sign up on her new website at

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