Walter Claudio talks about Headmapping™

October 13, 2010

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Headmapping™ has helped participating salons reduce waste and increase business revenues. Consumers should choose Headmapping™ not only because it allows more coloring and pricing options, but it also helps to protect the environment. The system is also the smart solution for business owners because it saves resources, both environmentally and economically. In an interview with Walter Claudio, creator of Headmapping™, he talks about how he developed Headmapping™, its’ future and why it positively impacts the environment.
“Inspiration is birthed out of desperation… [and] I was desperate to succeed,” Claudio says of his desire to develop a standardized coloring system. To begin, he began by analyzing corporate businesses and determining how they ran successfully. He quickly realized that a standardized operating system allowed for these businesses to operate efficiently while delivering consistency. “We had a great mindset and a great location. We just needed standardized operations,” Claudio says of his salon. To develop these operations, he began looking at divisions of the head and determining the amount of color necessary to achieve the desired results. Next, he turned his business into his laboratory and began testing his ideas and thoughts on a daily basis. “I did it for me,” he says. “I never had a vision of ‘I’m going to shift an industry or be the first to talk about standardization.’”
With the success of the standardized coloring system, computer software, called ColorBiz™, has been created to enhance the utilization of Headmapping™. According to Claudio, this program “automates the whole process” and is the future of the system.  He sees Headmapping™ “moving forward with ColorBiz™” as both will now be featured together in Aveda schools where they will be used to train new members of the industry.
By teaching new members of the industry how to mix color using a waste reducing system, the industry will effectively reduce color waste by drastic amounts. Claudio points out that the average salon dumps 1,000 pounds of color waste every year and with twenty local salons, for example, the industry will dump 20,000 pounds of color waste that was never even used and will now end up in a landfill. With Headmapping™, this number is much smaller.
In creating such an impactful system, Claudio has taken his once ridiculed ideas and turned them into a reality for carbon footprint reduction. “What I was talking about ten years ago is now being talked about everywhere,” Claudio says, “Years ago, no one talked about standards and reducing waste and now everyone talks about it and sees that it does make a difference.” With his dedication and effort, salons everywhere are able to join in the effort to preserve our environment and are able to extend this invitation to their clients as well.

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