What questions should I ask in an exit interview?

June 2, 2019

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Losing a team member always hurts. Even the team members that aren’t the greatest leave a sting when they leave. It’s just part of being an entrepreneur. We spend so much time building a business that it’s hard not to take things personally when someone decides to move on.

There’s a lot to learn when an employee resigns and too often we miss the opportunity to discover things about our business because we decide not to do an exit interview. I’m sure that there are many reasons for this. Maybe we’re not ready to hear the truth? Maybe we don’t respect anything the departing employee has to say? Regardless of the situation, employee feedback will always come back to serve us in one way or another.

Attached below is a list of questions that we ask during our exit interviews. Sometimes we sit down and have a conversation where we ask these questions. On other occasions, we mail the questionnaire to the ex-employee and ask them to mail it back.

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