Your Website Layout Could Be Hurting Your Sales Potential

October 11, 2012

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Location!  Location!  Location!  Since the beginning of time, we’ve heard these words from retailers, restaurants, salons and other brick and mortar businesses that attribute locale as part of their formula for success.
The same is true for where you position various components of your website.  Believe it or not, there are different areas of your website that are considered to be prime real estate compared to other areas.    Let’s talk about a term that is often referred to as “above the fold”.  This is a term taken from the newspaper industry that refers to the front page where an important news story or photograph is often located.  On your website, this is the space that is normally seen first by visitors when they land on your home page or any other page.  Everything above the fold is considered “prime real estate” and what you put in that space is important.

The website example below is more than just “above the fold”.  More content is displayed “below the fold”.   See image below.

Why do we consider the space “above the fold” as prime real estate?  Because it is what every visitor sees when they land on your home page.  The goal of driving visitors to your website is to eventually convert those visitors into transactions.   Many business owners focus only on getting more traffic to their site.   But what’s the point of all of that traffic if you’re not converting it into sales transactions?   This is why you need to strongly consider call to action buttons (we recommend at least three) in your space “above the fold”.

If you notice in the example above, there are three call to action buttons in the “above the fold” space.  “Spoil Your Friends”, which is an online automated referral program, “Are You New To Hair Color?” which is an online incentive for new hair color clients, and “Flash Deals!” which is an online last minute deals program.   All three of these call to action buttons are intended to engage and connect with existing and new customers, inviting them to take action.   This not only builds relationships and establishes trust, but from a marketing perspective, it pulls website visitors into your sales funnel.

Have you considered your business website’s layout?  Is it taking full advantage of the traffic it’s generating?

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